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Below is a list of our current board members:

Clyde Jackson
AB Aston
Dawn Barnett
Bob Glasgow
Betsy Jackson
Larry White


Berk Kalman has joined our team as Director of Development:

Berk Kalman
Development Coordinator
Neema-Huruma Foundation
600 N Pearl St. Suite 650 LB149
Dallas, TX 75201

To learn more about the mission of this high school, and its success in educating God’s children and bringing hope to their lives. Please watch the video on the right, explore this website, and contact Berk Kalman at


The  Neema-Huruma Foundation provides funding for a) Academic Education for young women in the Imbirikani area of Kenya b) practical and theological training for Indigenous Pastors and Elders, c) building churches in Kenya d) providing trade school education for young people in the area in the future.

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